Legal Transition

Legal Transition

Names shape our identities, and it is critical that we as trans people have the ability to change our names if they do not suit us. Many of us have our names chosen for us at birth by our parents or guardians; naturally, we may not be able to make that choice at the time. However, we may discover later in life that they do not accurately reflect who we are.

Legal transition entails changing your name and gender in official and government records.

Some kinds of legal transitions necessitate paperwork and can be costly. Some can be free and simple. The procedure varies by country and is dependent on what you want to change. 

While the process of changing and updating your legal documents in East Africa may differ from country to country, you may legally change your name on formal records such as your driver’s license, national identification card, or passport; your social security and health insurance; your immigration documents, permanent resident card, or naturalisation certificate; and with your school or employer.

Legal name change Process - Country Information